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Sao Viet Construction Design Consulting and Inspection Joint Stock Company (SVG Engineering) is a unit that specializes in providing construction supervision and project management services in the construction field. We are often hired by investors, project developers, or domestic or foreign organizations with construction needs to ensure that construction work takes place accurately and with quality , effective and safe. SVG Engineering consists of professionals with knowledge and experience in the construction sector, including architects, construction engineers, project management and occupational safety consultants. Our team SVG Engineering is committed to ensuring each construction project is supervised and managed professionally and meets the requirements of our customers.


1. Requirements for qualifications and certificates of professional supervision capacity:

- Full qualifications and professional certificates according to construction supervision tasks, ensuring compliance with the class and type of projects involved.

- Appointment decision of the construction supervision unit with the employee assigned to the supervision task and must be consistent with the class and type of construction involved.

- License to practice supervision for projects: Construction, infrastructure engineering, installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, fire protection in accordance with current regulations, standards and regulations.

2. Requirements for construction supervision work:

- Honest, dedicated and expert in grasping and solving tasks reasonably and quickly, proactively and flexibly.

- Construction supervision needs to ensure:

  • Continuous supervision during the construction process or supervision at important stages of the project (Depending on the needs contracted with the Investor)
  • Ensure the correct quality, volume, and progress according to the proposed plan.
  • Ensure labor safety, environmental sanitation, and fire prevention and fighting.


1Construction preparation phase:

- Check whether the construction contractor's quality management system is in accordance with project requirements;

- Check and report to Party A on construction conditions;

- Check and report to Party A on the capacity of construction contractors with proposal dossier/Bids and construction contracts.

- ​Check and monitor the quality of supplies and materials installed in the project by the construction contractor according to design requirements.

- ​Check and report to Party A on conditions and measures to ensure labor safety, environmental sanitation and fire and explosion prevention during construction.

2- Construction phase:

- Evaluate and control the contractor's processes, plans, construction methods, quality assurance measures, and quality management systems, and recommend replacement or correction of measures by the contractor. given (if necessary);

- Urge contractors to implement the project's quality management system and State regulations;

- Check and monitor the surveying system for contractors' projects such as: coordinates, elevation, control grid, monitoring grid;

- Check the suitability of construction equipment and human resources of the contractor compared to the contract signed with Party A

​- Check, supervise and approve construction organization measures and construction methods of each job submitted by the contractor compared to project requirements and signed contracts, specifically: before implementing construction. 

- Check certificates, quality of materials, components, construction products and testing results at standard laboratories stated in the contract or approved by Party A presented by the contractor before being used for construction projects.

- Check and report to Party A on the production process of sample products and pre-produced products.

- Checking certificates and quality of construction equipment and technological equipment; the interior of the equipment manufacturing place, the results of quality inspection by organizations that are qualified to carry out the implementation according to the provisions of law submitted by the contractors; Acceptance according to design requirements and current regulations, standards and regulations before allowing installation;

- In case of necessity, the Supervision Consultant (TVGS) will conduct an inspection of the laboratories used by the contractor to test materials and construction components used for the project;

- Participate in supervising the testing and inspection process of materials, structures, products, and construction equipment when necessary;

- Regularly and systematically inspect and supervise the process of construction contractors carrying out work at the site to comply with the design and current legal regulations. Inspection results must be recorded in Party A's monitoring log or inspection records according to regulations;

- Acceptance of construction works according to the provisions of current Law on quality management of construction works;

- Gather and check documents for acceptance of construction works, construction parts, construction stages, acceptance of equipment, furniture, acceptance of completion of each construction item and completion construction success;

- Urging the preparation of as-built drawings, payment documents, and final settlement in accordance with current legal regulations;

- Check and confirm as-built drawings, payment documents, and settlement according to the signed contract;

- Manage, check and gather project documents according to the list of Completion Documents according to regulations, hand over to Party A after completing all work (including files on the computer )

- When discovering that construction equipment, human resources, materials, construction equipment, technological equipment, and interior are not in accordance with the signed contract, the Supervision Consultant (TVGS) has the right to : Require the contractor to properly implement the contract signed with Party A and current regulations of the Law; Make a record and request the contractor to stop performing the work until the contractor complies with the provisions of the signed contract. In case the contractor does not comply, the Supervision Consultant (TVGS) reports to the Party. A handles contract violations against the contractor; Refusal to accept the construction work and construction stages according to the contract signed with Party A. The refusal to accept the work of the Supervision Consultant (TVGS) must be expressed in writing. to Party A and the contractor, clearly stating the reason for refusing acceptance;

- Propose measures to handle defects discovered during construction;

- Check and report to Party A on conditions and measures to ensure labor safety, environmental sanitation and fire and explosion prevention during construction.

- Check construction maintenance records.

- Check and review the design to promptly report and request Party A to adjust or request the design contractor to adjust errors, conflicts and unreasonableness in the design, if any.

- Coordinate with Party A to re-inspect the quality of construction parts, construction items and construction works when there are doubts about quality;

- Coordinate with Party A and related parties to resolve problems arising during construction

- Time to perform consulting services

After 5 days from the date of signing the contract, the Consulting Contractor must carry out specific work according to the requirements stated in Specific tasks of the Supervision Consultant. Total time to implement the bidding package according to project schedule.

3. Phase of completion and handover of the project into use

- Check and gather documents related to the project including: Legal documents, technical documents, quality documents, as-built drawings, construction logs...

- Support the Investor to organize acceptance, completion and handover of the project into use.

- Check and confirm project settlement documents.

4. Organize project acceptance work

The project acceptance work includes 2 phases as follows:

a. Acceptance of each part and each project item:

b. Acceptance of the entire project and put it into use


- Certificate of registration for SVG Engineering's construction supervision profession in VietNam


- Certificate of capacity for construction supervision activities of SVG Engineering

- SVG Engineering's team of construction engineers are professionally trained, have practicing certificates appropriate to the level and type of project involved, and are very dedicated in their assigned work.


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