Project management

Project management is the activity of ensuring that construction projects are completed on time, within cost limits and in compliance with technical requirements from design to acceptance and put into use. Project management requires close coordination between the Client and the Project Manager. Project management helps investors, project developers or investors to set goals and adapt to the constantly changing construction environment to ensure success in construction investment projects.

SAO VIET DESIGN CONSULTING AND CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISORY JOINT STOCK COMPANY is a unit with over 15 years of experience in the field of construction project management.


In Hai Phong, SVG Engineering of Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consulting Joint Stock Company is a familiar name mentioned when looking to choose a construction supervision consulting company or management unit. No. 1 professional project manager today.

A series of large and small-scale construction projects of the Port city managed by SVG Engineering make the Investor satisfied and highly appreciated. In which, the project management of the urban area must be mentioned. The Cuu Vien market in Kien An district (Hai Phong) clearly demonstrates the outstanding strengths of SVG's leading experts and experienced consulting engineers.


Project management has different changes depending on each project, it is completely different from managing the daily work of a restaurant, a manufacturing company or a factory. Choosing a reputable professional unit capable of taking on this role is something that construction investors pay special attention to, especially for large-scale projects and constructions.

The capacity of the professional team of Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company (SVG Engineering) is highly appreciated by FUJIKURA Co., Ltd during the implementation of project management. FUJIKURA COMPOSITE Hai Phong. SVG Engineering's brand of construction consultancy, project management, construction supervision, inspection - inspection in Port City is increasingly affirmed and sustainable over the years.



Project management is an essential activity to ensure the progress and quality of construction works. With the brand name  A reputable professional construction consulting company for decades , SVG Engineering of Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company is proud to be present in all parts of the country.

The good news from the actual project management and design consultancy works, SVG Engineering is very pleased to receive the trust of Renesas Design Vietnam Co., Ltd. and become a court project manager. company house Renesas Vietnam. Management is carried out in accordance with the process with a team of experienced professionals who are responsible, bringing many practical benefits to investors.