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Joining the joyful atmosphere to welcome the traditional Tet of the nation, on Wednesday morning, February 21 (January 6) in the year of the Dog, 2018, the collective leadership and staff of the Joint Stock Company Design and construction consultant Sao Viet (SVG Engineering) held a meeting to open the spring of 2018 with the expectation of a successful and prosperous new year.

On the radiant faces of each member, a radiant glow shines, excitedly welcoming a warm, happy, and loving Spring Festival. Everyone was smiling and happily chatting with each other after the 10-day long Tet holiday. In today's SVG news, we would like to review images of the company's New Year greetings and New Year's celebrations.

Under the gentle sunshine and chilly weather, with a slight drizzle typical of the Northern spring, all employees of the construction supervision company Sao Viet (SVG Engineering) had a meeting "Opening spring 2018". “The beginning of the year takes place in an extremely warm and intimate atmosphere. It seems that after a long holiday, everyone is excited and excited to start a new working year with the hope of lots of luck and advantages.

Announcement at 08:00 to gather at the company to open the spring and prepare to go on a pilgrimage around Hai Phong city, but at 7:30 a.m., everyone's smiles and New Year's greetings were bustling throughout the office on the 8th floor of Hai Quan guesthouse. . The offerings on this year's opening day are also simple: fruits, sweets, incense, candles, tea and wine as usual, and of course, the indispensable "lucky money" envelopes - the beautiful culture of SVG Engineering.

Thay mặt lãnh đạo công ty, CTHĐQT Trương Duy Thắng đã gửi những lời chúc Tết toàn thân và nghĩa tình toàn bộ CB CNV, lời chúc sức khỏe, lời chúc an khang thịnh vượng và cùng nhau phát triển công ty ngày càng cao. add big. Tại buổi lễ, sau lời phát biểu đã khui rượu sâm panh chúc mừng năm mới đến mọi người. Tiếng sâm panh nổ giòn, tiếng leng keng ly, tiếng nói cười bắt đầu làm cho bầu không khí thật sự thưởng thức như một gia đình. Những bao lì xì đỏ được trao gửi dưới dạng lời cầu chúc cho nhau niềm vui, sức khỏe và thành công trong năm mới Mậu Tuất 2018.

In the joy and joy of the first day of the year, everyone raised a glass to wish each other a new year of good health, success, and a belief in the company's sustainable development in the new spring.

Some pictures of champagne confectionery party to open the New Year of the Dog 2018 at the office of Sao Viet Design Company on the morning of the 6th Lunar New Year:

Khai xuan nam moi 2018


di le thap Tuong Long


Du xuan dau nam

Khai xuan dau nam 2018


Du xuan chua hang nam 2018


Khai xuan dau nam 2018

The joy and joy of Sao Viet's employees in the first days of the year is like dispelling the chaos of the old year and welcoming a new year that promises luck and success will come to SVG Engineering in the year of the Dog. Welcoming each other to a new year with new orientations, new successes, new victories. On this occasion, Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company (SVG Engineering) would also like to wish our customers and friends a prosperous, happy, healthy and successful new year!



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