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In the current period, along with economic development, the trend of high-rise buildings is flourishing in Vietnamese cities. The scale as well as the number of floors is increasing day by day. The construction of high-rise buildings requires a process to meet quality standards and at the same time it is necessary to have the inspection and monitoring support of the construction supervision unit.

Different from residential buildings, construction supervision of high-rise buildings requires stricter requirements and higher standards. Sao Viet's supervisory engineers team (SVG Engineering) understands the importance of supervision and assigned responsibilities, is always serious and careful while on duty. Our desire is to accompany the Investor to complete the beautiful, luxurious, efficient and sustainable high-rise building with time.


High-rise buildings are built on a large scale, used for business purposes such as hotels, commercial centers, showrooms, supermarkets, office buildings, health and rest facilities. such as hospitals and nursing homes. In modern urban areas, the image of high-rise buildings is indispensable. High-rise buildings have a positive impact on the urban environment such as increasing land use efficiency, reducing traffic volume and carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition to choosing a reputable design unit, a team of professional construction workers with many years of experience, investors also need to pay attention to looking for a company specializing in construction supervision consulting, quality and dedication. . Thanks to a team of engineers who directly supervise and closely monitor the construction process, labor safety will be improved. High-rise buildings are built more efficiently, quickly and on schedule thanks to constant inspection and urging. Construction supervision of high-rise buildings is indeed extremely necessary. The investor will be completely assured of the progress, quality and safety of the work during the construction process if a reliable monitoring unit is selected.


The professional capacity and qualifications of Sao Viet engineers (SVG Engineering) and professional services are best demonstrated through the successful implementation of bidding packages, large and small construction supervision, in Hai Phong and other provinces. across the country during the past 15 years. Are you anxious to find a reputable professional high-rise building construction supervision consultant? Do you want high-rise buildings to be built and completed with quality, efficiency and durability? Please trust our SVG to receive the most peace of mind and satisfaction.

Construction SAO VIET With a team of senior professionals in the construction industry, engineers have experience in supervision techniques, construction techniques, materials management skills and making the most of materials. to save construction costs and ensure project quality. Supervision engineers have long experience in construction supervision of high-rise buildings such as Office Buildings, Trade Centers, Supermarkets... We work with the motto "Independence, objectivity". and bring peace of mind to customers”.

In order to best meet the investor's wishes, SVG engineers thoroughly understand all construction processes, risks in construction, master construction standards, so they will solve all jobs in the field of construction. construction supervision area. Supervising construction of Trade Center works according to construction standards from structural and architectural aspects

Engineers participating in supervision are screened and carefully selected by us with a minimum of 5 years' experience in all industries. Time and experience in construction of the entire package of residential use and more than 15 years in the field of construction, SVG engineers understand the important work in the construction process, the necessary attention that almost all contractors have to pay. From there, inspect and monitor more closely and advise on editing the investor, changing or restoring to the most appropriate and correct standard.

Giam sat xay dung cong trinh toa nha cao tang tai Hai Phong

Supervising the construction of the high-rise TD Plaza building at Le Hong Phong street in Hai Phong

Giam sat xay dung cong trinh toa nha cao tang tai Hai Phong

High rise Buildings construction supervision in Hai Phong

Giam sat xay dung cong trinh toa nha cao tang tai Hai Phong

High rise Buildings construction supervision in Hai Phong

Giam sat xay dung cong trinh toa nha cao tang tai Hai Phong

High rise Buildings construction supervision in Hai Phong

SVG Engineering is committed to conducting full supervision of both the volume and quality of the construction works to ensure that the finished construction works are put into use with the best quality and efficiency. Choosing SVG Engineering to supervise construction works will definitely be your wise choice. Give us a chance and we will give you absolute trust!

Sao Viet (SVG Engineering) has determined that in the coming years, it will continue to develop consulting services to supervise the construction of Hai Phong works. We hope that we will receive more trust and cooperation from a large number of customers and investors, not only Hai Phong but also many provinces and cities across the country to have the opportunity to show and promote our capabilities. . SVG receives supervision consultancy for all construction projects large and small from construction supervision of residential buildings to villas, hotels, high-rise buildings, commercial centers.... commitment to quality assurance. project quality and efficiency. 



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