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Project management is an essential activity to ensure the progress and quality of construction works. With the brand name  A reputable professional construction consulting company for decades , SVG Engineering of Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company is proud to be present in all parts of the country.

The good news from the actual project management and design consultancy works, SVG Engineering is very pleased to receive the trust of Renesas Design Vietnam Co., Ltd. and become a court project manager. company house Renesas Vietnam. Management is carried out in accordance with the process with a team of experienced professionals who are responsible, bringing many practical benefits to investors.


quan ly du an toa nha cong ty Renesas Viet Nam

SVG Engineering manages project of Renesas Viet Nam Building


- Project: Building of RENESAS Vietnam company

- Investor: Renesas Vietnam Design Co., Ltd

- Location:   Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, City. Ho Chi Minh

- Duties: Design consultancy and construction project management of Renesas Vietnam company

- Project management unit: Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consulting Joint Stock Company (SVG Engineering)

- Year of implementation: 2010


The project of building RENESAS Vietnam Company was built at the location of Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, City. Ho Chi Minh. Established in 2004, Renesas Design Vietnam Co., Ltd (RVC) with 100% capital from Japan, specializes in manufacturing and supplying microelectronic circuits, semiconductor devices and designing hardware and software for applications. mobile use. Thanks to its research expertise and innovation in the use of technology, RVC has contributed to the development of information technology in Vietnam. The construction project of Renesas building is a big project of the Company, so the Company's Board of Directors urgently needs the effective support of a unit with expertise and capacity in the field of project management.

SVG Engineering has demonstrated its strengths and outstanding advantages when taking on the task of building project management Renesas Vietnam Company helps The Investor set goals and adapt to the constantly changing construction environment to ensure success in construction investment projects.

Contents of project management of the building of Renesas Vietnam company implemented by SVG Engineeirng include:

- Understand, analyze and evaluate the current status of the construction project of Renesas Company and understand the project implementation processes to plan the management and control of the project.

- Review and evaluate changes in design, construction, procurement of materials and equipment, occupational safety, sanitation, and fire prevention and fighting, commissioning and handover of works, operation training, etc. Ensure that the above changes do not affect the safety, quality and progress of the project

- Prepare bidding documents, select construction contractors to build buildings of Renesas Vietnam company

- Supervising and managing the progress and quality of contract performance of contractors

- Review and check the documents of contractors under the contract signed with the Investor

- Supervising and directing contractors to implement the progress made by other contractors, adjusting and repeating the project implementation schedule (if necessary) in accordance with the approved total schedule and milestones.

- Monitor, evaluate and report the implementation and completion of the construction progress of the contractors. Provide timely handling and adjustment measures when there are delays to ensure the project is completed on schedule

- Supervising and directing contractors to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the key milestones and timeframes of the project.

- Review and check the contractor's construction organization and quality plan

- Manage project related risks

- Make, check and administer the plan and conditions to conduct the experiment, test, test run, and take over to suit the total schedule.

- Inspect, supervise and urge the formulation and implementation of measures to ensure labor safety, environmental sanitation and fire and explosion prevention of contractors.

- Check the plan, administer the training process of the training contractors, guide the operation and technology transfer of the contractors

Construction project management of Renesas Company building in Ho Chi Minh City. SVG Engineering's Ho Chi Minh City project includes planning, coordinating time, resources and monitoring the development of a project to ensure that the project is completed on time, within the approved budget and achieved. achieve specified technical and quality requirements of products and services by the best possible methods and conditions.



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