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Being well aware of the immense potential and development prospects of Hai Phong Port City, many Business Owners have quickly grasped and searched for opportunities to invest in large projects, especially large projects. Projects to build factories and factories in key industrial zones.

In order for the project construction process to go smoothly and complete, with great success, in addition to the standard design plan, along with a seasoned construction unit, the application procedure step cannot be overlooked. issue a building permit. Taking the lead in construction-related fields with a reputable 15-year-old brand that has been confirmed, Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company (SVG Engineering) confidently supports the Investor with Quality, fast, accurate, and efficient service for applying for a project construction permit in Hai Phong. Come to our SVG for peace of mind to complete the project.


Construction permit is a type of document issued by a state agency (according to a certain model) certifying the permission for an individual or organization to be allowed to carry out the construction of houses and works according to their wishes within the scope of the law. licensed content. It is a tool to organize the implementation of the approved urban plan, through which it is possible to determine whether people are building correctly or not according to the plan.

Regulations for building permits may vary from country to country. In Vietnam, the order and procedures for applying for and granting construction permits are prescribed in Laws, Decrees, Circulars and detailed implementation guidelines.


Hai Phong is always ready to "roll out the red carpet" to welcome investment sources in project construction planning from domestic and foreign enterprises. Strong economic growth and rapid changes in infrastructure, transportation and real estate create a premise for Hai Phong to be approved to build large projects. That's why businesses, typically Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, etc., boldly invest in Hai Phong market. Business owners are well aware of the importance of building permits during project preparation.

The procedure for applying for a construction permit must go through a full stage of steps that the construction investor may not have fully understood and wondered where to start and how to do it properly. Understanding the investor's concerns, specialized construction companies have deployed the service of applying for a project construction permit. Faced with the great competition of a series of licensees for projects, Sao Viet has clearly demonstrated the strength of its brand, its accumulated capacity and practical experience for many years, and its dedication and responsibility to the profession. The proof is the satisfaction and appreciation of the Investor with the quick and professional project construction permit application process carried out by SVG experts.

Dich vu xin cap phep xay dung du an tai Hai Phong

Service for application for project construction license in Hai Phong

Along with main strengths Consultancy on design and construction planning of industrial park factory projects, construction supervision of industrial park projects, Sao Viet always wants to be with you. Together with the Investor to create and complete the projects in a meaningful way. Therefore, we make every effort and determination to provide our customers with a really effective service of applying for a project permit in Hai Phong, shortening the time for the project to be implemented as planned. .

The application for a project construction permit made by SVG not only meets the requirements of the Investor in terms of functionality and aesthetics, but also meets the current construction codes, standards and regulations. SVG Engineering's staff are all knowledgeable and experienced in the field of project planning and licensing. Not only that, the implementation team also has a long-term relationship and experience in working with agencies (Department of Construction), from which to be consulted on documents and terms that should be implemented for the project. judgment.

With strict regulations and increasingly strict sanctions, changing drawings for construction permits after being licensed is not easy, time consuming and costly. Therefore, the Investor needs to understand that implementing a construction permit application is in the process of developing drawings for implementation, construction detailed drawings are only detailed implementation drawings of the application drawings. construction permit without any major adjustment related to architecture and structure, engineering works. Trust in Sao Viet


Components of application documents:

  • Application for construction permit – 03 originals;
  • Papers on land use rights, together with an extract of the map or measurements taken in the field or a plot of land plot boundaries - 03 notarized and authenticated copies;
  • Design documents – 04 sets (original);
  • Business registration license of the organization, practice certificate of individuals in charge of design, structure, survey - 03 notarized and authenticated copies;
  • Investment policy of the competent authority – 03 copies;
  • Decision on approval and economic and technical report – 03 copies;
  • Certificate of appraisal and approval of fire prevention and fighting (if any) – 02 copies;
  • Certificate of registration of environmental quality standards (if any) - 02 copies.

Some typical projects that Sao Viet (SVG Engineering) has applied for construction permits in recent years:

Receiving the trust and support of a large number of customers, investors, construction contractors of projects in Hai Phong, Sao Viet has performed well the work of completing the package procedure for licensing. construction of industrial park factory projects, industrial park factories. Dossier of application for a license with all documents certified by the licensed unit. Satisfying customers by the process of applying for a professional project construction permit, including some of the following projects:

Construction design of An Duong industrial park factory project (Hai Phong), Construction design of Dinh Vu industrial park factory project (Hai Phong), Construction design of factory projects Trang Due industrial park (Hai Phong), Design and construction of VSIP industrial park factory project (Hai Phong), Design and construction of Nomura industrial park factory project (Hai Phong)

Customers who are looking for a unit to receive construction permits for projects in Hai Phong, please feel free to contact Sao Viet (SVG Engineering). With all the enthusiasm, passion, love for the profession and professional capacity,  accumulated experience for many years, SVG will bring customers satisfaction in service quality.



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