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Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company (SVG Engineering) is proud to step firmly on the journey to affirm the brand strength of the No. 1 prestigious construction supervision consulting company in Hai Phong. .

In addition to the strength of supervision of factory/industrial park projects, supervision of residential construction, SVG Engineerng also shows confidence in construction supervision bidding packages. Trade Center project. We are committed to giving the Investor peace of mind about the quality, efficiency of the work and the safety of employees during the construction and completion of the work.


Trade centers are often built high-rises, which are a combination of shops, shop counters, service establishments; halls, meeting rooms, offices for rent. Today, the country's leading large trade centers in all provinces and cities across the country are built on a large scale, with many advanced modern utility features to meet the diverse business needs of the customers. Business owners.

The architectural design and planning plan, the functional layout of the beautiful, impressive, scientific and precise commercial center is the first important step. It creates a premise for the construction process to take place smoothly. However, during the construction process, there will be cases of construction deviating from the drawings, causing the construction of the Trade Center building to be improperly built compared to the original design, significantly affecting the quality, safety and aesthetics of the building. At this time, we really see the urgency of the construction supervision of the Trade Center. And certainly, the people who supervise the construction process must be a team of competent, skilled and experienced supervisors with many years of practical experience.

Giam sat xay dung cong trinh trung tam thuong mai

Construction supervision company for trade center in Hai Phong city

Any commercial center construction project needs to be closely monitored during the construction process, thanks to the new supervision checking and solving errors, requiring transparency and objectivity in the inspection. project evaluation. The process of construction supervision of the Trade Center project not only ensures that the work items are constructed according to technical specifications and design drawings but also carries many other meaningful values. Construction supervision will ensure that the work is carried out according to the original schedule according to each phase, item, and the whole project. Support the Investor to monitor the volume, cost and quality of raw materials. The monitoring of construction stages will promptly detect errors and technical errors, reduce risks, limit costs and time for repairs.


Successful implementation of construction supervision contracts for large and small projects in Hai Phong and other provinces across the country during the past 15 years is the clearest proof of Sao Viet's true capacity and reliable service ( SVG Engineering). Are you worried about looking for a reputable professional commercial center construction supervision consultant? Do you want the commercial center to be built and completed with quality, efficiency and durability? Trust us SVG for peace of mind and satisfaction.

With a team of senior professionals in the construction industry, engineers have experience in supervision techniques, construction techniques, materials management skills and making the most of materials. to save construction costs and ensure project quality. Supervision engineers have long experience in construction supervision of high-rise buildings such as Office Buildings, Trade Centers, Supermarkets... We work with the motto "Independence, objectivity". and bring peace of mind to customers”.

Wishing to best meet the wishes of the Investor, SVG engineers understand all construction processes and risks in construction, master construction standards, so they will handle all jobs in the field. supervision of construction works. Supervising construction of Trade Center works in accordance with construction standards from structural, architectural.

Engineers participating in supervision are screened by us, carefully selected with at least 5 years of experience in the industry, of course, must have a certificate of supervision consulting practice. Time and experience from the construction of high-rise buildings, townhouses, and more than 15 years in the construction field, we understand the important things, the necessary attention that most contractors are all acquired.

Giam sat thi cong xay dung cong trinh trung tam thuong mai tai Hai Phong

Construction supervision company for trade center in Hai Phong city

Giam sat thi cong xay dung cong trinh trung tam thuong mai tai Hai Phong

Construction supervision company for trade center in Hai Phong city

SVG Engineering is committed to conducting full supervision of both the volume and quality of construction works to ensure that the construction works are completed and put into use with the best quality and efficiency. Choosing SVG Engineering to supervise construction works will definitely be your wise choice. Give us a chance and we will give you absolute trust.

With the motto "Customer satisfaction is the key to success", Sao Viet always strives every day to best meet the requirements and aspirations of the Investor.



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