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After a long time of being put into use, the pile, beam, and floor structures have been stripped of the protective concrete layer, reducing the cross section of piles, beams and floors, leading to a reduction in the bearing capacity of the building. construction quality inspection must be carried out.

Rated as the number 1 prestigious construction inspection company in Hai Phong, Sao Viet (SVG Engineering) has demonstrated well its capacity and professional experience through construction inspection. SVG engineers are responsible for inspecting and assessing safety levels, determining damage levels, and providing repair plans for periodical maintenance of wharf works. The purpose of wharf construction inspection is to ensure safety during use and operation.


The deterioration of the wharf works is inevitable, affecting the exploitation activities, causing unsafety, so the inspection, assessment, quality management, construction and repair of the works are also essential. weak to set.

At this time, we can see the importance of the task of inspection and assessment of wharf construction. Specifically, the quality assessment of wharf works is the assessment of the quality and normal operation of the structure, ensuring maritime safety and security, and preventing environmental pollution in the process. mining process. At the same time, quality inspection is the basis for considering technical options to invest in repair and remedial work, in order to ensure the safety of works and equipment to continue maintaining and improving the efficiency of exploitation. of the wharf.


Kiem dinh giam dinh cong trinh xay dung cau cang

Wharf construction inspection in Hai Phong and nationwide


The 15-year journey of building and developing the SVG Engineering brand has brought Sao Viet Company many good successes and encouraging results in the field of construction inspection and assessment. Many industrial park factory projects to civil works, state-owned works, wharf works, reinforced concrete works... are inspected and assessed by SVG engineers. to accurate, honest results with effective handling. If you are looking for an address for inspection and assessment of wharf construction in Hai Phong and across the country, please contact Sao Viet with confidence.

The SVG Engineering brand is growing stronger in both the quality of the engineering team and the number of inspection and inspection packages for all types of works. Human resources for construction quality assessment of Sao Viet (SVG Engineering) are basically sufficient in quantity and meet quality standards, have the capacity, professional qualifications and experience to meet the demand for recruitment. requests of individuals and agencies conducting the proceedings.

Kiem dinh giam dinh cong trinh xay dung cau cang

Wharf construction inspection in Hai Phong and nationwide

Contents of wharf construction inspection work include: collecting data on natural conditions, exploitation and use and current status of wharf exploitation; analyze and evaluate the load capacity of the existing wharf structure, the stable condition of the entire structure with the load and operating conditions specified in the initial design or in the operating history of the nearby wharf Best; evaluate and propose the possibility and scale of wharf exploitation in case the initial exploitation conditions are not satisfied; determine the cause of damage and erosion of the structure, thereby proposing the direction of renovation, repair, and operating conditions of the wharf.

It is thanks to the brand's heart and vision that SVG Engineering has really built trust with a large number of customers across the country. Many Business Owners, Investors   The SVG Engineering team works with all responsibility, dedication to the job, passion for the job and the desire to bring satisfaction and peace of mind to Business Owners.

Sao Viet is very pleased to serve customers and investors across the country, meeting the desire to support construction inspection, construction supervision, construction planning design...



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