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Work supervision is considered as the top service, so SVG Engineering brand name for Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consulting Joint Stock Company. If you are a built-in the Owner and have difficulty in choosing a reputable construction supervision unit in Hai Phong, please put your trust in SVG Engineering.
With a team of highly qualified and qualified engineers who are always enthusiastic about applying modern technology, SVG Engineering has been highly appreciated by associated customers both for the quality and level of each project supervised at the company. Hai Phong as well as nationwide. Whether it is a private company or a state project, the SVG supervisory engineer will also have a plan to check and monitor the most optimal construction items to ensure quality, efficiency and safety. all when given to use.


Today, the need to hire construction supervision is more popular than in the past. Not only large projects such as office buildings, commercial centers, administrative buildings at all levels, hotels... but even civil works such as villas, townhouses... are also real. supervision consultation.

Everyone wants to own a project with beautiful design, style and complete quality construction and the sense of construction supervision also increases. Hai Phong's development step by step led to the change of urbanization, more high-rise buildings appeared. However, there have been many beautiful and high-class buildings, but the fire protection system and infrastructure are still poor due to lack of honesty in construction and neglect of checking and monitoring construction progress of items. This further urges the construction contractors to pay more attention to the urgency of the supervision of Hai Phong construction works. In order to ensure good quality for a construction project, in addition to choosing a good house design unit, a good house construction unit, besides that, it is impossible not to mention the role and scope of the project. the importance of the supervision consultant.

Construction supervision of Hai Phong has a role in:

– Ensure that construction and installation are carried out in accordance with design documents.

- Detect and handle details of works that the contractor and investor do not know.

– Support the Investor, the design contractor to handle errors at the scene.


Also from the purpose of wanting all customers to have access to the services they need, SVG Engineering is constantly upgrading and improving the management apparatus, expanding the field of construction supervision consulting. From 2004 up to now, the company has been consulting and supervising construction in Hai Phong as well as a number of provinces and cities across the country with "many large and small projects" which are highly appreciated by investors and construction units for their energy efficiency. force and professionalism

A number of construction supervision projects in districts of the city. SVG Engineering's Hai Phong:

  • Project supervision of Viet Han technical mechanical engineering factory project
  • construction supervision Duong Kinh District Tax Department (Hai Phong City)
  • supervision of the construction of a 5-storey garage at Bach Dang Building
  • Project supervision of Hai Phong International General Hospital
  • supervision of the project of industrial wastewater treatment station - Dinh Vu industrial park
  • Supervising the Hai Phong State Treasury headquarters building
  • Supervising the construction of the State Treasury headquarters in Do Son district (Hai Phong).

Giam sat cong trinh thi cong xay dung kho CFS Cang Tan Vu

Construction supervision for CFS warehouse in Tan Vu Seaport in Hai An District in Hai Phong City

Giam sat cong trinh chi cuc Thue quan Duong Kinh

Construction supervision for Tax department in Duong Kinh District in Hai Phong City

Giam sat cong trinh chung cu U1 Le Loi

Construction supervision for U16 apartment Building in Le Loi road in Hai Phong City

Nghiem thu giam sat cong trinh cong thep KCN An Duong

Construction supervision for Steel Gate of An Duong Industrial park in Hai Phong City

SVG Engineering is proud to be one of the few reputable construction supervision units in Hai Phong, deploying a comprehensive effective monitoring plan that brings many practical benefits to customers.

  • Supervising on behalf of the owner to manage the construction progress.
  • Peace of mind with the quality of the house.
  • Peace of mind because there is technical supervision if there is a mistake with the drawing.
  • The supervision consultant closely follows the construction contractor according to the approved drawings.
  • Pursuant to and request the contractor to comply with the contract.
  • Control contractors for unnecessary calculations.
  • Monitor all materials and supplies put into the construction site.
  • Whether the homeowner is on a business trip or is not available, the supervision consultant will report on the daily work to let the landlord know the progress.
  • Consulting materials and materials for homeowners.

​The company with a team of architects, builders, experienced in designing and constructing full-service townhouses and villas for more than 10 years and a team of dedicated and professional supervisors will surely make customers, investors peace of mind during monitoring. Specifically, we conduct construction supervision and management works including monitoring progress, monitoring labor safety and environmental sanitation. At the same time, we also supervise and urge the construction unit to accelerate the progress of the project to complete the project as planned, put the project into operation soon to promote the efficiency of construction investment capital.

The quality of a project depends on the supervision consultant. It is to have good ability and ethics, then the work has quality and vice versa. Therefore, to become a supervisory consultant is not an easy thing. The criteria of SVG Engineering supervisor is to work with integrity and with high professional responsibility. This is the core value that brings quality to construction works.

Not only monitoring the correct design and construction standards, the Supervision Consultant also supports the investor and contractor in consulting the most appropriate solution to solve problems at the construction site. SVG Engineering always upholds integrity and responsibility in handling construction site problems.



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