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The building is beautiful and luxurious but the quality is not effective, the safety is not absolutely guaranteed is also a very worrisome problem, over the years will directly affect the use process. For that reason, all construction projects, whether large or small, need the supervision of a reputable and experienced unit.

Referring to SVG Engineering is referring to a reliable address in the field of construction supervision that many construction contractors in Hai Phong as well as across the country. The dedicated, capable and responsible supervision team of Sao Viet Construction Inspection and Design Consulting Joint Stock Company (SVG Engineering) is committed to monitoring and monitoring the progress and quality of the project. construction according to the correct procedure. We constantly strive to promote our outstanding strengths to maintain the prestigious brand of Construction Supervision in Hai Phong to bring satisfaction to our customers.


Inspecting, urging, guiding, directing and evaluating the work of the construction contractor to implement the project is an important task of the project supervision and project management unit. The motto of construction supervision is to take construction products as an object, take construction laws, regulations, policies and standards as the basis, and take quality and construction efficiency as the basis. purpose. With that motto, construction supervision must be carried out right from the stage of construction planning to the period of warranty and maintenance of construction works in order to prevent errors, damage and loss of construction investment capital.

Supervision has a close meaning in social relations in general, in construction supervision in particular, it has a much stricter and stricter meaning. To be more specific, construction supervision is a tool that plays a role in preventing waste and loss of construction investment capital.

During the basic survey and design stage, if it is properly supervised, a basic design plan will be selected suitable to the construction planning, construction scale, technology, design capacity, work grade and construction level. Thus, the determination of total investment is highly effective, preventing loss and waste in capital construction.

During the project implementation phase, the construction supervisor can manage the quality, volume and schedule to complete the project according to the plan and put the project into operation soon to promote the efficiency of investment capital. Construction investment makes more economic sense in terms of capital construction investment cost management.


Hai Phong is one of the big cities of Vietnam, the socio-economic life is developing more and more in the direction of industrialization and modernization. This leads to an increasing demand for housing construction, high-rise buildings such as hotels, office buildings, showrooms, administrative buildings. In order for the work to meet construction and use quality standards, it is necessary to supervise construction items. Finding a reputable construction supervision unit in Hai Phong is what most investors are interested in.

In the face of the situation that the company is increasingly receiving consultancy on project management and supervision, with unknown brand names, SVG Engineering has implemented effective project management, supervision and inspection services. absolute. Understanding the concerns of construction contractors, SVG Engineering's supervisory engineers constantly promote capacity development and gain experience to best serve the monitoring needs of large and small projects in the region. inside and outside the city of Hai Phong.

Construction supervision work in Hai Phong by SVG Engineering team includes: volume monitoring, quality monitoring, progress monitoring, labor safety and environmental sanitation supervision. Whether the construction project ensures the quality and progress, the construction investment capital is effective or not, it is thanks to the construction supervision. More importantly, Construction Supervision helps prevent errors that lead to breakdowns, loss, negativity and corruption in construction activities.

Currently, the situation of houses and works that have just been accepted for a few years or even a few months has had a phenomenon of quality degradation, forming cracks, cracks, peeling paint, ... accounting for a large proportion. increasingly high.

The cause of serious deterioration in terms of quality and appearance is due to the loose and subjective supervision of construction contractors. Followed by the mutilation and blindfolding of the investor, at this time, the role of the construction supervision consultant is a third party that plays an important intermediary role.



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